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Working Grant

The purpose of the work grant is to support the creation of new music within the genres of art music, which include, but are not limited to, classical score music, audiovisual works, musical drama, electronica, game and film music, sound art and improvisation.

As something new, all applicants for the Work Grant, are treated anonymously by the committee. This means that our committee cannot see who you are. We therefore also encourage you not to use your name in the project description etc.

Note: We will open for the receipt of applications one month before deadline.

The work grant can be applied for by composers and sound artists who want to immerse themselves in compositional work and who work experimentally and boundary-pushing with music and sound driven by artistic curiosity.

The composer must be a member of Koda.

The Working Grant provides support for a compositional work process or an artistic process that you wish to begin, develop, and complete. You can apply for grants on varying scales:

Large working grants of DKK 50.000 or DKK 75.000

Small working grants from DKK 10.000 to DKK 40.000

NB! The Working Grant does not support commissioned works; in such cases, please apply to the Commission grant instead

** NB on Working Grants: Please note that as long as you have an open application for a working grant, you cannot apply for other working grants. An open application is an application where you have applied but have not yet received a response.

  • Attach a description of your artistic project and which workflow you want to start (max. approx. 2400 characters)

  • Write briefly about your compositional work without mentioning your name or alternatively attach your CV (pdf) without your name appearing.
  • Please note that your name does not appear with the title of the file.

The Work Grant is awarded four times annually. The application deadlines are:

March 1st
June 1st
September 1st
December 1st

Applications for the Work Grant will be evaluated by a committee. In 2023, the committee comprises of:

Martin Stauning (Commitee chair)
Jonas Olesen,
Thomas Agergaard
Ingeborg Okkels (ekstern)

Successful applicants for the larger working grants will receive DKK 50.000 or 75.000

Recipients of smaller working grants will get from DKK 10.000 to 25.000.

If you received one of the large working grants of DKK 50,000 or DKK 75,000, you cannot receive any additional working grants (including for other purposes) within that year. You may be granted more than one smaller working grants in one calendar year. Please note, always apply for a specific amount.

You will receive a reply to your application approximately two months after the application deadline.

You cannot receive support for the same project from several pools under Koda Culture. This applies according to 6.D in our regulation. Find the regulation here.

This means that if you for example apply for publication, you can only receive support once for your publishing project. You cannot receive support for publication from both The Publishing pool, The Up-and-Coming Grant and The Recording/Release Grant at the same time. On the other hand, you will be able to receive support for other processes of the same project from other pools. For example, if you have received support for the recording/release part of your project, you can apply for support for the next phase of your project, e.g. for promoting your release or from the PR pools.  

We have pools that support the different processes that your project can go through. The processes can – from an overall point of view – be divided into:

  • Create (idea, clarification, writing)
  • Improve/develop (coaching, camps, education)
  • Release (record, mix, master)
  • 'Disseminate' (PR/marketing, concert production, fairs and exhibitions)

If you have any questions regarding the Working Grant, you are welcome to contact Tina Schelle,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,