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Work grants

The purpose of the Work Grants is to provide support for the creative phase of working with music: composition, songwriting and writing lyrics. The grants cover all genres of music.

All composers and songwriters who are members of Koda can apply for Work Grants. The grants are intended to support composers and songwriters who wish to immerse themselves in the creative, compositional aspects of their work. The applicant must be the project author. You cannot apply on behalf of others.

Work Grants are awarded to support the creative phase of making music, i.e. composition, songwriting and lyrics.

  • Application text – 2,500 characters or less. Enter/paste your text into the relevant field of your online application.
  • CV/mini biography (attach as a PDF file.)
  • Three music files, mp3 format and/or m4a-format. Alternatively, you may provide links. Include information on the composer, lyricist, title, year etc. If you provide links, you are responsible for ensuring that the links work and can be accessed by the recipient.
  • A description of the music attached: Which pieces did you choose and why? Please attach your description as a PDF file.
  • Lyrics, if applicable to your work. Attach your lyrics as a PDF file. If you want to submit several lyrics, combine them all in a single file.
  • You may attach additional material if you wish. All files should be PDF files.

There are four annual application deadlines:

1 march 12 PM
1 october 12 PM

The next application deadline is 1 march 2021 at 12 PM.

All applications are evaluated by the DJBFA grants committee. The committee is appointed by the board of DJBFA annually. In 2021, the DJBFA grants committee comprises: 

Anna Rosenkilde
Morten Alfred Høirup
Victor Dybbroe

Work Grants: You can apply for any amount you see fit. The grants typically range between DKK 10,000 and 50,000, but may also be smaller or greater.

You can receive no more than one Work Grant from DJBFA in each calendar year. If you have already received one of these grants this year, you cannot receive another of these particular grants until next year.

Applicants will receive an answer approximately two months after the application deadline. If your application should be unsuccessful, please note that the committee does not provide individual reasons for their acceptance or rejection of applications.

If you have any questions regarding the Work Grants, you are welcome to contact Camilla Grausen,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,