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Commission Fees

The purpose of the Commission Fee scheme is to enable the commissions of new music to the Danish music scene. The scheme funds commissions within the genre of art music – which may include sound art, experimental electronic music, acoustic chamber music, orchestral music, electro-acoustic music, electronica, music drama, church music and vocal music.

Note: Are you an ensemble applying from abroad or do you not have Danish Citizenship and therefore no NemID for logging into our application system, please call us on +45 33 30 63 20 well in advance of the application deadline, in order for us to help you.

The Commission Fees welcomes applications from music organizers such ensembles, concert venues, municipalities, festivals etc.

The Commission Fees supports the commissioning of new Danish music within the genre of art music – which for the purposes of this grant includes sound art, experimental electronic music, and related genres.

  • An application (submit as a PDF file)
  • Budget (use the application system’s template) Note! That there is a requirement for co-financing from elsewhere, as DKF does not cover the full fee.
  • The composer’s CV (submit as a PDF file)
  • The applicant’s CV (submit as a PDF file)
  • An audio file (Mp3/Mp4/video) - Alternatively, you can provide a link to your music. Make sure no login is required.
  • A signed contract between the commissioning party and the composer (submit as a PDF file) see indicative strandard contract for work commissioning here
  • A statement regarding data processing/GDPR (use this form)

The application must be submitted at least 4 months before the date of the performance in order to obtain support.


Applications are accepted four times annually. The application deadlines are:

March 1st 
June 1st  
September 1st
December 1st 

Support for a commission fee must be applied for no later than 4 months before the first performance.

A committee will evaluate applications, in 2023, the committee comprises of:

Martin Stauning(committe chair)
Lars Kynde 
Tan Tuan Hao
Anne Clement (ekstern)


  • Funding for commission fees is granted only when a signed contract between the commissioning and the composer is presented.
  •     It is required that applicants have applied for co-financing from other sources since funds are limited.
  • It is possible for a composer to receive more than one Commission Fee in a given calendar year.

The Commission Fees will only be paid out when the applicant has submitted documentation in the form of the actual work produced, a request for payment and information on the date of the first performance of the work. This must be done via All documentation is to be uploaded under the ‘attachment’ menu relevant to your specific application.

You will receive an answer to your application approx. 2 months after the application deadline.

An approved commission fee can only be paid when the applicant has uploaded documentation in the form of the work (sound or score) and the template "Request for payment of commission fee" in completed form with final accounts and date of premiere of the work.

You cannot receive support for the same project from several pools under Koda Culture. This applies according to 6.D in our regulation. Find the regulation here.

This means that if you for example apply for publication, you can only receive support once for your publishing project. You cannot receive support for publication from both The Publishing pool, The Up-and-Coming Grant and The Recording/Release Grant at the same time. On the other hand, you will be able to receive support for other processes of the same project from other pools. For example, if you have received support for the recording/release part of your project, you can apply for support for the next phase of your project, e.g. for promoting your release or from the PR pools.  

We have pools that support the different processes that your project can go through. The processes can – from an overall point of view – be divided into:

  • Create (idea, clarification, writing)
  • Improve/develop (coaching, camps, education)
  • Release (record, mix, master)
  • 'Disseminate' (PR/marketing, concert production, fairs and exhibitions)

If you have any questions regarding the Commission Fee grant, you are welcome to contact Tina Schelle,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,