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Up-and-Coming Grant

The Up and Coming Grant supports songwriters and composers early in their careers to ensure the continued development of musical life in Denmark. The pool has a particular focus on developing potential and on supporting projects that are not yet ready to seek support from one of the professionally specific pools under the cultural funds. Up and Coming Grant supports significant and innovative contributions to Danish music, where it can be difficult to recover the costs through sales, etc. and in cases where authors have not had the opportunity to make a living from their artistic work. The funds the Up-and-coming Grant is based on is made up both of a share of cultural funds and of revenue from the sale of glossy copy media. Below you can read about everything you need to know before seeking support from Koda Up and Coming Grant.

Note: We will open for the receipt of applications for the next round on July 14. 2022

Up and Coming Grant can be sought by talented young songwriters and composers who meet these criteria:

  • are under 35 years of age
  • have been a member of Koda for a maximum of 5 years from the date of registration or who are not yet members of Koda.
  • must have a connection to the Danish music scene. 

Applicants in all genres can apply. Emphasis will be placed on the potential of the project in its field.

Up and Coming Grant supports expenditure on specific projects relating to songwriters and composers' own works* and works at work at and abroad.

  • Publishing. Supports the cost of publishing newly created music including recording, mixing and mastering (CD, vinyl and digital releases) as well as musician fees, producer, studio rental.NB! Please note that vinyl printing should initially be sought as PR and Marketing. There may be a few and rare cases where vinyl may have an entitlement as an expense item related to a release. Here vinyl printing must be justified in the application.

  • Work grant. Work grants are personal scholarships designed to support the work of a composer or songwriter. Work grants are given as a financial grant to immerse yourself in the work of writing/composing music.NB! Please note that you may only apply for one work grant at a time. This means that if you have an open application where you have applied but not yet received a reply, you may not seek other work grants under Koda Kultur.

  • Concerts. Supports concert planning, setup, engineering and transportation costs etc. Booking agreements must be attached.

  • Marketing and promotion. Supports the cost of producing video material, artwork and SoMe in connection with, among other things, the production of video material, artwork and SoMe. promotion of publications. The finished master must be attached to the application. If there is no such case, it shall be justified in the application.

  • Education. Supports voice training, singing lessons, mentorship in relation to compositional talent development and other shorter non-SU eligible training courses. A description of the mentor or teacher (CV and mentor/teacher confirmation) must be attached if you are looking for mentorship or private teaching or documenting participation in any training course/course if you are applying for training.

  • Networking. Includes activities where music is brought closer to a network of professionals who can help emerging composers and songwriters on the way: Including, for example, participation in festivals in the form of music showcases such as SPOT, Iceland airwaves, Canadian music week or Reeperbahn and Womex. In order to apply a festival ticket or a booking agreement must be uploaded to the application. 

*Own works mean works in which the applicant is the author of all or part of the work. If individual works are included in the application which are not the applicant's own (e.g. cover, arrangements or processing of other people's works), the application must be justified and will form part of the assessment. A permit or power of attorney must also be uploaded.

Special rules

  • 2 different projects can be applied for per round of grants (e.g., band release and solo project)
  • If for instance there has been granted for publication, you cannot apply for production fee for the same publication in a new handout
  • If it has been granted for e.g., publishing, it is possible to apply for support for e.g., promotion of the same publication in another handout
  • A total of 5 appropriations can be obtained from the Up and Coming Grant
  • Festivals
  • Equipment
  • Manager applications
  • Free music and music of other rights holders
  • Project description (1200 characters)
  • Introduction to you and your work as a composer and songwriter/or band (800 characters)
  • Motivation (300 characters)
  • Budget (not applicable to work grants)
  • Schedule
  • Music files in mp3 format and/or m4a format or link indication. Including information on composer, copywriter, title, year, etc.

Linking to your music instead of uploading music files may not require a login to play. Nb! Do NOT change the name of playlists before the application is finalized, as the link may become inactive and may lead to a rejection of your application. 

The growth layer pool has two annual application deadlines.

Next deadline: September 6. 2022 at 15:00

Note: We will open for the receipt of applications for the next round three weeks before deadline

Applications for the Up and Coming Grant are processed by a distribution committee. In 2019/2020, the Committee shall consist of:

  • Victor Dybbroe (appointed by DJBFA)
  • Rachel Yatzkan (appointed by DKF)
  • Andrea Lonardo Martini (appointed by DPA)
  • Mette Zähringer (appointed by the Music Publishers)

All requests regarding your application must be made to the administrative staff of the organisation you have applied for. Contacting a committee member is considered an improper attempt to influence the processing of your application and may be the reason for refusal.

As a rule, aid is given between DKK 5,000 and DKK 20,000. In order to receive funding, you must upload documentation that your project has been completed for your application before the deadline. You can read more about the payment of aid

Applicants receive a reply barely 3 months after the application deadline. In the case of refusal, one must be prepared not to give individual reasons.

If you have any questions about the Up and Coming Grant, please contact Koda