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Production Costs

The purpose of the Production Costs grant is to support projects involving various types of new art music and sound art on the Danish music scene.

Who can apply?

The Production Costs grant welcomes applications from Koda members and from organizers in the music scene. The grant is open to projects within the art music genres– not only modern classical music, but also sound art, experimental electronic music, and related genres.

What can I apply for?

The grant can support production costs for new art music and sound art projects on the Danish and international music scenes and wider cultural scenes. You can apply to cover costs regarding concerts, festivals, book releases, presentation, and dissemination projects, etc. The Production Costs grant especially supports the field of art music – which includes acoustic chamber music, orchestral music, experimental electro-acoustic and electronica, music drama, multimedia works, sound art, church music, classical vocal music, and new experimental music for and with children and young people.

What must I include in my application?

  • An application (use this application form link)
  • Budget (PDF)
  • CVs for all relevant participants/artists; examples might include an ensemble or several composers if applying for funding for a concert (pdf)
  • Audio file(s) (Mp3/Mp4/video) If you use links, make sure no login is required.


When is the deadline?

Applications for the Production Costs grants are accepted two times annually. The application deadlines are:

March 1st

September 1st

Who will evaluate my application?

Applications will be evaluated by a committee. In 2021, the committee comprises:

Jexper Holmen (member of the Danish Composers´ Society)

Anette Vandsø (external member)

Lars Lundehave (member of the Danish Composers´ Society)

Simon Løffler (member of the Danish Composers´ Society)

Details about the funding

No payment can take place until you have submitted the final accounts for the project, as well as documentation demonstrating how you credited Koda Kultur.

This grant takes the form of a so-called deficit guarantee. This means that if the project generates enough income to cover its expenses, no funds will be paid out.

If you wish to make changes to how the funding is used, this requires permission from the committee that awarded the grant. Unless otherwise agreed, the grant will automatically lapse if the project applied for is not completed within one year.

When can I expect a reply?

Your reply will be no later than two months after the deadline.

Managed by Dansk Komponistforening

If you have any questions regarding the Production Costs grant, you are welcome to contact Katrine Gregersen Dal,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,