• Name
  • Artist name or band name both current and past
  • Koda membership number (if you are not a member of Koda you put a minus in the form)
  • Registration date in Koda (if you are not a member of Koda you put minus in the form)
  • Information about split membership or membership of another collecting society (e.g., STIM etc.)  – including the date of registration in another collecting society.
  • Information on what exemption is being applied for
  • Brief description of your activities in the music industry so far
  • Explanation of the process and what special circumstances have made the application necessary. The Growth Layer Committee can only accept applications where there are special circumstances that may justify exemption from the rules.

You must complete this form and insert explanation in it, which you submit to



There are varying processing times for applications for exemptions. Exemption applications are processed by the secretariat on an ongoing basis, but the applicant must expect a case processing time of 14 days. In individual cases, the Secretariat shall contact the applicant with a view to obtaining further information. If your application is rejected, you will not be informed whether it is due to lack of approval of the application for exemption or other criteria for the pool.