One of the objectives of the cultural contributions is to stimulate and support the creation of new music. In this way, parts of Koda’s revenue are reinvested in the development of music through support for composers and songwriters, specifically in the form of working grants, production support, songwriting camps, training and other courses, networking initiatives and opportunities for international collaboration.

In addition to this, part of the funds earmarked for cultural purposes are used for political and PR efforts aimed at improving the basic conditions for Koda’s members and the industry as such.

Joint application portal – one point of access to all cultural contributions
From 2019 onwards, applications to all grants are made from a single point of access. The website offers all the information you need to form an overview of the funding options available, to see what is relevant to you and to submit your application – all from a single portal.

Before 2019, you had to apply for cultural contributions through one of the individual composer associations: DJBFA, DPA, DKF and the Music Publishers. This is no longer the case. Today, access to the more than 25 different grant schemes available is provided by a single, joint application portal under Koda Kultur. This means that you now have a single point of access when searching for grants that are relevant to you.

Management of the individual grants is still divided up between the four associations and Koda. This means that all applications will still be assessed by expert committees with particular insight into the relevant field. To see who manages each individual grant, visit the page of the grant in question.

Not a Koda member?

A few grants are also open to applications from organisations or persons who are not members of Koda. To identify these grants, simply use the søgeguiden application guide and state that you are not a member of Koda.

Guidelines on cultural €ontributions
See the Koda board of directors’ retningslinjer for anvendelsen af de kulturelle midler guidelines on the use of cultural €ontributions.

For more about cultural contributions, see pp. 26-30 of Kodas gennemsigtighedsrapport for 2018 her Koda’s Transparency Report 2018

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