The cultural means must, among other things, stimulate and support the creation of new music. Through support for composers and songwriters in the form of work grants, production support, songwriting camps, training courses, networking initiatives and the possibility of international cooperation, a certain share of Koda's revenue is reinvested in this way in the development of musical life.

In addition, part of the cultural funds is used for a political and PR effort to strengthen the framework conditions for Koda's members and business.


Koda's Cultural Strategy
In December 2021, Koda's revised cultural strategy was adopted by Koda's Board of Directors. The cultural strategy sets out the overall direction for the use of Koda's cultural means. The cultural strategy must ensure that the comprehensive cultural efforts financed each year by the cultural funds are prioritized and communicated systematically and collectively, so that the funds come out to work where they contribute most strongly. Read Koda's latest cultural strategy for 2022-2025.


Common application portal – one entrance to the cultural funds
As of 2019, all application forms for scholarships are gathered in one place. On, you can easily get an overview of the different support options, see what is relevant to you and send your application – all from the same portal.

The administration of the individual grants is divided between the four associations (Autor, DKF, DPA and Musikforlæggerne) and Koda. This means that it is different committees with a high musical professionalism that assess the individual applications. On each scholarship page, you can see who administers that scholarship.


If you are not a Koda member
Some grants can also be applied for by organizations or people who are not members of Koda. These are found by stating that you are not a member of Koda in the search guide.


Guidelines for the cultural funds
See the Board's guidelines on the use of cultural Contributions.

Read more in the annual report on the use of Koda's cultural funds 2021


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