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The purpose of the Writing Camps is to provide composers and songwriters with inspiration, new skills/insights into music and/or the opportunity to create new music together. This is done through specially planned, professional courses. Writing Camps can take place in Denmark or abroad and typically last between four to seven days. We offer approximately 12 camps of this kind a year.

Who can apply?

The Writing Camps welcomes applications from all Koda members who are interested in the relevant genre or subject addressed by the camp in question.


What can I apply for?

Taking part in a writing camp. 


What must I include in my application?

  • Application text: State the reason(s) why this particular writing camp will make a real difference to you and your career (2,500 characters or less).
  • Three music files, mp3 format and/or m4a-format (do not use special characters in titles; file sizes must not exceed 10MB in total ). Alternatively, you may provide links. If you provide links, you are responsible for ensuring that the links work and can be accessed by the recipient.
  • A description of the music files attached: What music have you chosen to include and why?       Your description should be provided as a PDF file.
  • Any additional texts relevant to the projected writing camp – as PDF files.
  • CV/mini biography – as a PDF file.


When is the deadline?

Writing camps are offered on an ongoing basis, so the deadlines for applying vary. For a list of the camps currently offered by DJBFA and the deadlines for applying, click here. 


Who will evaluate my application?

All applications will be evaluated by the Writing Camp project manager and one or more co-teachers or partners involved in the camp.


Details about the funding

Successful applicants will be allowed to take place in the relevant writing camp; this includes travel costs, hotel accommodation, the events planned and, to some extent, catering. All participants will pay either DKK 1.000 or DKK 2.000 to take part in the camp; the specific amount depends on the exact nature of the relevant camp.


When can I expect a reply?

You will typically receive a reply two to three weeks after the application deadline.


Managed by DJBFA

If you have any questions about the Writing Camps (A-ophold), feel free to contact Martin Hjorth Frederiksen,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,