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Travel Grant

The purpose of these Travel Grants is to help composers take part in particularly relevant professional concert events, networking, and professional exchanges

Note: We will open for the receipt of applications for the next round on 1 November 2021.

Members of Koda who work within the genre of art music can apply for a Travel Grant to cover travel expenses. This includes modern classical music, sound art, experimental electronic music.

As a composer, you can apply for a Travel Grant when you have documented travel and accommodation expenses relating to:

  • first performances and new rehearsals in Denmark or abroad
  • performances at festivals or at major concert events
  • active participation in composers’ workshops and the like
  • study trips, retreats and residencies
  • travels associated with retreats awarded at San Cataldo, Klitgaarden and the like.
  • An application, one page or less (submit as a PDF file). Also attach a description of the project prompting you to travel and the travels you wish to carry out
  • A travel budget
  • At least one audio file providing an example of your work
  • CV

Applications for Travel Grants are accepted four times a year. The application deadlines are:

March 1st

June 1st

September 15th

December 1st

Applications for Travel Grants are assessed by a committee. In 2021, the committee comprises of:

Lars Lundehave (committee chair)

Martin Stauning

Lars Kynde

Anne Clement (external member)

Insofar as this is possible, all journeys should be undertaken using the cheapest mode of public transport. If for special reasons you must drive in your own car, you may receive a mileage allowance; this is currently set at DKK 1.90 per km.

You can also apply for funding towards the cost of accommodation (up to DKK 1000 per night). The grant does not award daily allowances towards food.

This grant only covers the applicant’s own travel expenses. 

You will receive a reply to your application approximately two months after the application deadline.

If you have any questions regarding the Travel Grant scheme, you are welcome to contact Tina Schelle,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,