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Project Grant

The Project Grant supports major projects or communication initiatives at home and abroad – such as festivals, larger events or campaigns – which focus on the creation and dissemination of new music. The projects must have certain scope, or involve initiatives that are deemed to be of broad national interest and appeal. In order to obtain support from the Koda Kultur Project Grant, the project in question must be deemed able to make a significant contribution to the creation and dissemination of new music. Also, the expected and desired effect of any grant received must be clear from the outset.

The Project Grant welcomes applications from organisations, associations, festivals, institutions and other major entities.

The Project Grant subsidises expenses associated with realising the relevant project. You can include several different expense items / topics in the same application. You can only apply for a project grant once per calendar year per project, but it is possible to apply for grants that extend for up to three years.

  • Contact details: Name, address, email and telephone number
  • The CVR number of your organisation
  • Application / project description, including a statement describing how you expect to meet the Project Grant’s requirements. Also describe the expected effect/outcome of the project
  • A brief introductory description of the applicant and any partners involved (association, institution, etc.)
  • A budget, including information on any other grants received and an overall funding plan (including outstanding as well as successful applications)
  • A schedule for the project

The application deadline is 1 November 2021. In some cases, applicants may be asked to attend a meeting in order to provide additional detail, or to present their project to the committee.

Submit your application via the joint application portal

The committee evaluating the application comprises four members of Koda’s Board of Directors as well as two representatives from Koda’s management. In 2021, the committee members are:

Jakob T Overgård
Ralf Christensen
Stine Kinck
Mette Zähringer
Lasse Matthiessen
Sara Linell

All inquiries regarding your application must be made to the administrative staff of the organisation to which your application is directed. Contacting a committee member will be considered an undue attempt to influence the processing of your application, and may cause your application to be rejected outright.

The funding will typically be provided as a regular subsidy, but in some cases it may take the form of a deficit guarantee – a pledge to cover the losses incurred by the project.

You must submit full financial accounts (documenting all expenses) no later than one year after receiving the grant. In the case of agreements spanning several years, annual follow-ups will be arranged with Koda.

Applicants will receive a reply approximately 1 month after the application deadline. If your application is rejected, please be aware that no individual explanation for the committee’s refusal will be given.

If you have any questions regarding the Koda Kultur Project Grant, you are welcome to contact

Secretariat services to the committee are provided by Koda. If your project receives this grant, you must credit Koda Kultur and feature the Koda Kultur logo.