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Music Projects and Commercial Music Export

The purpose of the Music Projects and Commercial Music Export grant is to support projects and commercial export initiatives for Danish music in general. The grant is aimed at organisations and individuals alike, including songwriters, composers, producers and lyricists, who create music within the popular and commercial spectrum of music.

This grant can be applied for by organizations and individuals for major market-oriented initiatives and collaborative projects that benefit the Danish music industry.

In the assessment of the application, it is important that it is formulated why the expertise area represented by DPA is relevant to the project.

Please note that you cannot apply for personal projects such as your own records and publications. Here you must apply to Koda's Recording/Release Grant


The grant supports larger projects that benefit in areas such as export, professionalization of the music industry, strengthening the chain from upcoming to elite and diversity within the Danish music industry. 

It is not possible to apply for the organization of writing camps. Instead, it must be applied for in the Writing Camp grant.

It is not possible to apply for expenses already incurred or projects that have been completed before the application deadline.

If your project is funded, it is expected to meet the DPA Safer Space Principles.

  • project description

The Music Projects and Commercial Export grant is awarded on an ongoing basis. 

Applications for the Music Projects and Commercial Export grant are evaluated by the DPA board of directors at an upcoming board meeting.

You will receive a reply to your application when it has been processed at the board meeting. This will be no later than two months after your application was submitted.

You cannot receive support for the same project from several pools under Koda Culture. This applies according to 6.D in our regulation. Find the regulation here.

This means that if you for example apply for publication, you can only receive support once for your publishing project. You cannot receive support for publication from both The Publishing pool, The Up-and-Coming Grant and The Recording/Release Grant at the same time. On the other hand, you will be able to receive support for other processes of the same project from other pools. For example, if you have received support for the recording/release part of your project, you can apply for support for the next phase of your project, e.g. for promoting your release or from the PR pools.  

We have pools that support the different processes that your project can go through. The processes can – from an overall point of view – be divided into:

  • Create (idea, clarification, writing)
  • Improve/develop (coaching, camps, education)
  • Release (record, mix, master)
  • 'Disseminate' (PR/marketing, concert production, fairs and exhibitions)

If you have any questions regarding the Music Projects and Commercial Export grant, you are welcome to contact DPA

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,