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Music Market Grant

The purpose of the Music Market Grant is to support Danish music operating within the popular/commercial spectrum. The grant also supports individuals who are writing and recording works with the intention of collaboration with third parties – for example to artists, for use in commercials, in films / TV and the like.

All songwriters who are members of Koda can apply for the Music Market Grant.

The Music Market Grant is to support individuals who are writing and recording works with the intention of selling them to third parties – for example to artists, for use in commercials, in films / TV and the like.

The grant also covers recording expenses associated with the recording of titles that have not previously been recorded and released and with the intention of selling them to a third party (artist, band, commercial, synch (film/TV) etc.). You can also apply for participation in Writeing Camps. 

You can’t apply for projects where you are the artist i.e., where your name is on the release. This type of project must be applied in The Recording/Release Grant managed by Koda.

Music Export

The Music Market Grant also supports the export of Danish music within the popular and commercial field. This may include participation in a songwriting camp, a session abroad, foreign songwriters’ trip to Denmark, business meetings abroad, promotional activities (such as concerts / support tours abroad) or legal assistance abroad. 

It is not possible to apply for projects that have been completed before the application deadline.

  • A project description
  • A budget
  • Two examples of your music
  • Documentation proving your collaboration/interaction with partners (this may take the form of an email conversation, a Facebook conversation, etc.)

The Music Market Grant accepts applications monthly throughout the year.

here below you can se the deadlines for 2023
26. January
23. Febuary
30. March
27. April
25. May
31. August
28. September
26. October
30. November

However, please note that the application form is inactive from 15 June to 1 August, from 16 December to 7 January, and on public holidays.

Applications for Music Market Grant will be evaluated by two different committees. The committees will evaluate in shifts. In 2023/2024, the committee comprises of:

Committee 1:

  • Mathilde Falch
  • Waqas Qadri
  • Theresa Schæfer


Committee 2:

  • Emil Lei
  • Sarah Finne Christensen
  • Mike Andersen


The funding provided must be spent within one year from the date of receipt – otherwise the funding will be canceled. 


You can expect a reply to your application within three weeks.

You cannot receive support for the same project from several pools under Koda Culture. This applies according to 6.D in our regulation. Find the regulation here.

This means that if you for example apply for publication, you can only receive support once for your publishing project. You cannot receive support for publication from both The Publishing pool, The Up-and-Coming Grant and The Recording/Release Grant at the same time. On the other hand, you will be able to receive support for other processes of the same project from other pools. For example, if you have received support for the recording/release part of your project, you can apply for support for the next phase of your project, e.g. for promoting your release or from the PR pools.  

We have pools that support the different processes that your project can go through. The processes can – from an overall point of view – be divided into:

  • Create (idea, clarification, writing)
  • Improve/develop (coaching, camps, education)
  • Release (record, mix, master)
  • 'Disseminate' (PR/marketing, concert production, fairs and exhibitions)

If you have any questions regarding Music Market Grant, please feel free to contact DPA,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,