Ansøgningsfrist: Ongoing

Commercial Grant

The purpose of Commercial Grant is to support projects and commercial initiatives focused on music publishers and songwriters/composers/lyricists in general. Please note, the projects must be pre-approved by Musikforlæggerne’s secretariat, more info under “Application deadline”.

Who can apply:
The Commercial Grant welcomes applications from all organizations and individuals who seek to launch commercial initiatives that benefit music publishers and songwriters/composers/lyricists in general.

What can I apply for:
Market-oriented initiatives and projects, e.g., major music export projects, festival arrangements, podcast on music publishers and songwriters, music business education, music business workshops and similar projects.

What must be included in my application:
Detailed project description and budget

Application deadline:
The Commercial Grant is awarded on an ongoing basis, but before you can apply, the project must be pre-approved by Musikforlæggerne’s secretariat. Please send a detailed project description to

Who will evaluate my application:
Applications for The Commercial Grant are evaluated by the Musikforlæggerne board of directors at an upcoming board meeting.

When will you get an answer?

You can expect an answer to your application within two months of submission.

Managed by Music Publishers:

If you have any questions about The Commercial Pool, you can contact Hanne Christensen by email

If you have any technical questions, you can contact Koda,