Committees under Koda's administration are constituted by Koda's Board of Directors and consist of members nominated by the four associations DKF, DPA, Autor and Musikforlæggerne.

In the composition of the committees, the overall profile of the committee shall cover as broadly as possible in terms of musical professionalism, age, geographical spread, educational background, professional experience, and competences relevant to the purpose of the pool in question and the target group of applicants, to ensure as competent processing of the applications as possible. It is also important that committee members are persons who have contact with and interest in what is happening in the environments relevant to the pool.

It is a requirement, adopted in the fall of 2019, that there must be at least one of each gender in a committee. Each member is appointed for 2 years and one cannot be re-elected to the committee for two consecutive terms. This is to ensure a continuous replacement. There are clear rules for impartiality in the academic committees, so that committee members related to specific applicants do not participate in the processing of these applications.



Up - and Comming Committee 2023/2024:

Alexandra Hallen ( appointed by DKF)

Claus Frovin ( appointed by DPA)

Raymonde Gaunoux (appointed by Autor)

Katarina Madsen ( appointed by Musikforlæggerne)


Recording/Release Committee 2023/2024:

Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff (udpeget af Autor)

Ylva Lund Bergner (udpeget af DKF)

Gisli Gislason (udpeget af DPA)


Project Pool Committee 2023/2025:

Søs Gunver Ryberg (appointed by DKF)

Aminata Amanda Corr (external) 

Naja Rose Koppel (appointed by DPA)

Laurits Bejder Klausen (appointed by MF)

Rikke Østergaard (appointed by Autor)


All inquiries regarding your application must be made to the administrative staff of the organisation you have applied. Contacting a committee member is considered an improper attempt to influence the processing of your application and may be a reason for rejection.


Rules of impartiality for committee members

There are clear rules for impartiality in the professional committees under Koda's administration, so that committee members who relate to specific applicants do not participate in the processing of these applications.

The rules for impartiality have been established with the aim of:

  • To prevent a committee from making decisions that are influenced by personal and immaterial considerations.
  • To help build confidence in the committees and their decisions.
  • To ensure fair, transparent and equitable treatment of applicants.
  • To protect individual committee members from suspicion that they are involved in making decisions in which they themselves have or may have an interest.

You are disqualified in relation to a case if:

  • You have a special personal or financial interest in the outcome of the case or are a representative of someone with such an interest.
  • You and the applicant sit on the board of the same association. Please note that the fact that the applicant is a member of Koda's Board of Directors does not in itself result in one or more committee members being disqualified.
  • Your spouse, close family or other close relatives have a special personal or financial interest in the outcome of the case or are a representative of someone who has such an interest.
  • Moreover, there are circumstances likely to give rise to doubts as to the impartiality of the person concerned.

This means that as a committee member, you may not participate in nominating or making decisions that concern yourself, your own family, in-laws, boyfriend, close friends or unfriends. This also includes a company with which you participate, have represented or are otherwise closely associated.


Disqualification procedures

The disqualified committee member does not participate in the examination of the application and therefore leaves the room during consideration. The Committee Secretary shall keep the procedure in the minutes. The disqualified committee member will not be informed of the outcome of the current application.