Committees under Koda's administration are constituted by Koda's Board of Directors and are made up of members of the four associations DKF, DPA, DJBFA and musikforlæggerne

In the composition of committees, the committee's overall profile shall cover as broadly as possible in terms of music professionality, age, geographical spread, educational background, professional experience and competences relevant to the purpose of the pool concerned and the applicant target group, in order to ensure as competent treatment of applications as possible. It is also important that committee members are persons who have contact and interest in what is happening in the environments relevant to the pool.

It is a requirement, adopted in autumn 2019, that there should be at least one of each sex in a committee. Each member is appointed for two years and one cannot be re-elected to the Committee for two consecutive terms. This to ensure a continuous replacement. There are clear rules for the availability of professional committees so that committee members related to specific applicants do not participate in the examination of these applications.




Growth Layer Committee 2019/2020:

Victor Dybbroe (appointed by DJBFA)

Rachel Yatzkan (appointed by DKF)

Andrea Lonardo Martini (appointed by DPA)

Mette Zähringer (appointed by the Music Publishers)


Release Committee 2019/2020:

Simon Christensen (appointed by DKF)

Søren Krogh (appointed by DJBFA)

Tobias Stenkjær (appointed by DPA)


All requests regarding your application must be made to the administrative staff of the organisation you have applied for. Contacting a committee member is considered an improper attempt to influence the processing of your application and may be the reason for refusal.