When applying for support, you must set a realistic budget for the project you are seeking the support for. A realistic and detailed budget gives the committee the best conditions for judging your project.

Look here if you want to learn more about how to set a budget:

See Video 

  • Familiarize yourself with the special rules and requirements for applications for the grant pool you wish to apply. For example, what requirements do they have for music, budgets, file types, deadlines, etc.
  • Have a clear vision: Where are we going? What is support being sought for?
  • Be specific. If you are applying for EP release, do not also specify the simultaneous cost of concerts.
  • Be realistic. You are allowed to be ambitious, but you must show that your project can be completed and that you know how.
  • Pay attention to the musical quality - Feel free to use e.g., creative sparring partners who can provide constructive feedback to your music.

If you are logged in with your NemID, you are the applicant. This applies to most the pools under Koda Culture.

In some pools it is possible to apply with a band CVR or on behalf of a composer or songwriter. In these cases, it will be the CVR number or composer/songwriter who is indicated as the applicant.

If support is granted, please note that it is the applicant on the application who is liable to tax on the grant.

NB! This may be a reason for rejection if you use a NemID that is not your own

If you don’t have a NemID please contact Koda Kultur by Phone +4533306320 or email kodakultur@koda.dk