How we handle your data

If you apply for one of the scholarships, you can read below how we handle your information. All applications are collected in a system that Koda manages. The system ensures that applications can be accessed by Koda or the entity (the associations Autor, DKF, DPA and the Music Publishers) you have applied to and by the committee set up by Koda or the unit to process the applications.

For all applications, the following rules apply:


How we process your application

  1. An application is to be considered registered only after the applicant has received a receipt by e-mail.
  2. After the application has been submitted, no additions can be sent.
  3. The committee considering the application may contact the applicant for further information.
  4. If the application is rejected or not fully granted, it may have several reasons. It may be that the application does not meet the formal requirements, but it may also be due to the substantive assessment of the application by the examining committee. The committee's recommendations are confidential, and you can't gain insight into them.


This is how Koda and the relevant entity (Koda Dramatik and the associations Autor, DKF, DPA and the Music Publishers) process your personal data in connection with applications.

We must inform you that Koda and the relevant entity are the data controllers for the handling of the personal data you provide in connection with your application for support. We have a legitimate interest in handling this information to be able to decide on your application and – if you receive positive consent (acceptance) – be able to verify that you meet the conditions for payment and make the payment itself.

Your application will be submitted to and processed by a committee. The members of the committee have a duty of confidentiality about the field of applicants and applicant material, as well as about their specific discussions and recommendations on commitments. If the members of the committee have obtained or taken copies of any application material, they are obliged to delete it no later than one week after the end of each round of awards. However, the committee members' own notes regarding the proceedings may be kept for the entire term of office of the committee member, after which they must be deleted.


What data do we process?

  • master information such as name, address, and any other contact details.
  • bank details (does not apply to subsidized pool).
  • general confidential personal data such as CPR number, membership number
  • relevant sheet music, video and/or audio material.
  • information and description of the project and other relevant project information.


Your commitment

We assume that you have ensured that all persons (other than you) appearing in your application material have given permission for information about them to be processed by etc. and the relevant committee in connection with the processing of your application.

We reserve the right to verify that the supported activity has been held in accordance with the application and the undertaking. In the case of a discrepancy, we may recover the aid.


Message to any CO-APPLICANTS

Please note that those you specify as co-applicants will be notified of the following information.

  • Applicant's name, contact details and address
  • The purpose for which support has been sought
  • Name of the project
  • The project description
  • Work details: title, composer, and year


Publication of data by commitment

If you receive a positive commitment, you, your project, and the commitment amount will be included in the list that we publish, because we have a legitimate interest in publishing who has received the commitment, about how much and for what purpose. It follows from Article 6(1) of the EU Data Regulation (2016/679). Publication can be made on Koda Kultur's website and in annual reports and the like.


Other uses of data

We are legally obliged to disclose the information about the payment to SKAT, in accordance with Article 6(1)(c) of the Data Protection Regulation. In addition, we may use data about your application for statistical purposes and may publish the statistics in anonymized and non-identifiable form.


Deletion of data

  • Applications that receive rejection will be deleted no later than 2 years after the date of the decision.
  • Applications receiving commitments shall be kept for at least five years from the last payment as documentation in relation to the bookkeeping.


Your rights

According to the personal data rules, you have the right to request Koda and the relevant entity for access to the data we have about you associated with your application (your application and attachments). You can contact us and gain insight into what personal data we process, just as you can correct any incorrect personal data.

If you want personal data deleted, the processing of it restricted, to object to it or to exercise the right to data portability, you can contact us. However, the consideration of our statutory documentation of its support activities may limit your right to erasure and restriction of processing.



You can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about our processing of your data.