How do we process data?

When you apply for one of your grants, we will handle your data with great care – as described below. All applications are processed within a system managed by Koda. This system ensures that all applications can be accessed by Koda (including Greenlandic Cultural Contributions and the subsidy scheme), by the relevant entity (Koda Dramatik and the associations DJBFA, DKF, DPA and Musikforlæggerne) you have applied for funding from, and by the committee that Koda or the relevant entity has set up to process the applications.

The following rules apply to all applications:

How we process your application

  1. An application can only be regarded as duly registered when you, the applicant, have received confirmation of receipt via email.
  2. Once your application has been submitted, you cannot subsequently submit further additions or amendments.
  3. The committee processing your application may contact you to obtain further information.
  4. If your application is rejected or you do not receive the full amount applied for, there may be several reasons for this. Perhaps your application failed to meet the formal requirements, but the decision may also rest on the committee’s assessment of the contents of your application. The committee’s recommendations and rulings are confidential, meaning that you cannot request insight into them.

How Koda and the relevant entities (Koda Dramatik and the associations DJBFA, DKF, DPA and Musikforlæggerne) process your personal data in connection with applications  

Please be advised that Koda and the relevant entity will be responsible for processing the personal data you provide in connection with your application for funding. We have a legitimate need to handle this information in order to make a decision regarding your application and – if your application is accepted – in order to check that you meet the conditions for receiving payment and to make the payment itself.

Your application will be forwarded to and processed by a committee. The members of the committee have a duty of confidentiality that not only covers the field of applicants and the applicants’ materials, but also their specific discussions of the applications and their recommendations regarding who should and should not receive funding. If the committee members have been provided with copies of any application materials, they are obliged to delete all such materials at the end of their term of office, but no later than the end of the fifth calendar year following their processing of said materials.

What information do we process?

  • basic details such as your name, address and any other contact information
  • banking information (does not apply to the subsidy scheme (subventioneret pulje))
  • standard confidential personal information such as your CPR number, membership number
  • relevant sheet music, video and / or audio material
  • information on and descriptions of the project and other relevant project information

Your obligations

We assume that you have ensured that all persons (other than you) appearing in your application have granted permission to have information about them be processed by us and by the relevant committee in connection with the processing of your application.

We reserve the right to verify that the activities funded by us have in fact been carried out in accordance with your application. In the event of any discrepancies, we may demand that you repay the funds received.

Notification to any CO-APPLICANTS

Please note that any co-applicants specified by you will receive notification that includes the following information.

  • The applicant’s name, contact details and address
  • Purpose of the application
  • Name of the project
  • Project description
  • Work information: title, composer and year

Publication of data if your application is accepted

If your application is accepted, your name, your project and information on the funding provided will be included in a list of recipients published by us. We publish such a list because we have a legitimate interest in communicating who has received funding, the amounts awarded and the purpose supported. This is in keeping with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), Article 6 (2). 1 (f). The information may be published on the  Koda Kultur website, in annual reports and the like.

Other use of data

We are legally obliged to disclose information on the payments made to the tax authorities, SKAT, in accordance with Article 6 (2) of the General Data Protection Regulation. 1 (c). In addition, we may use data about your application for statistical purposes and may publish such statistics in anonymised, non-identifiable form.

Deleting data

  • Rejected applications will be deleted no later than 1½ years after the application date.
  • Successful applications will be kept for at least five years as documentation for accounting purposes.

Your rights

Under the existing rules and regulations on personal data, you have the right to ask Koda and the relevant entities for access to the data we hold about you in connection with your application (your application and any attachments). You can contact us to obtain information about what personal data we process, and you have the right to have any incorrect personal data corrected.

If you would like to have your personal data deleted, have our processing of them restricted, object to our process or exercise your right to data portability, please contact us. However, consideration for the legal demands applying to our support activities may limit your right to have data deleted or impose restrictions on the treatment of your data.


If you wish to complain about our processing of your data, you can lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet).