To get your Grant payout, you must log on to the Koda online grant system with your NemId or with MitId.

Then select the application you want to upload documentation to, go to My Grant, and upload the relevant documentation in the required fields. Remember to press "submit documentation" at the end.

Once we have reviewed and approved your documentation, we will automatically pay out the grant and you will not receive a receipt from us.

We pay out support every 14 days, so it may take some time from when you have uploaded documentation until the support is paid.

For some grants, it is a requirement that you submit documentation to get the money paid.

As a general rule, you will always be able to find information about documentation requirements in the letter of commitment you received together with the grant. You can find your letter of commitment under the tab "my grant" when you are logged in to the Koda Online Grant.

See Documentation requirements for more information on what you need to upload to each grant.