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Writing Camp-puljen

The purpose of the Writing Camp Grant is to support songwritercamps for professionals and raise the level of ambition in the Danish music industry. The Grant must support networks both national and international.

The Writing Camp pool can be searched by autos and music publishers who are members of Koda as well as external collaborators.

You can apply for in-house songwriting camps and external songwriting camps with other participants. It must be described in the application whether the camp is targeted at specific artists, or to a catalogue and who has the hosting. The grant does not support individual songwriters who travel out to camps or participate individually in local camps.

All expenses related to songwriter camp, including travel expenses, accommodation, and study rent, can be applied for, however, the support cannot be used for catering.

A project description (one page or less)

  • A budget (including revenues and any other foundations/grant schemes approached for funding)
  • A presentation of the publisher submitting the application, including the most important authors associated with the company.

Applications for the writing camp grant are accepted two times a year. The application deadlines are:

22 january 2022
15 august 2022

The committee comprises of DPA and Musikforlæggerne members, the committee comprises in 2021/2022:

Marcus Winther-John
Caroline Ravn Andersen
and two members appointet by Musikforlæggerme

You will receive a reply to your application approximately one month after the application deadline.

If you have any questions regarding the Writing camp grant, you are welcome to contact
Hanne Christensen,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,