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Sheet Music Publication

The purpose of the Sheet Music Publication grant is to support the print publication of works by the applying music publisher’s own authors, as well as to support the publication of songbooks featuring the publisher’s own authors.

All music publishers who are members of Koda can apply for funding from the Sheet Music Publication grant.

Music publishers can apply for funding for the publication of sheet music written by their own authors, as well as for the publication of songbooks featuring the publisher’s own authors. Funding is generally awarded towards the editing and proofreading of the publications, not the actual printing. Re-releases are not eligible for funding.

  • A project description (one page or less)
  • A budget (including revenues and any other foundations/grant schemes approached for funding)
  • A presentation of the publisher submitting the application, including the most important authors associated with the company

Applications for sheet music publication grants are accepted three times a year. The application deadlines are:

1 May

1 September

1 November

The committee of Musikforlæggerne is elected for two years at a time. In 2021/2022, the committee comprises:

Søren Bechmann

Steffen Strojeck

Frederik Schnoor

Laurits Bejder Klausen

Mette Zähringer

This grant aims specifically at supporting the publication of sheet music, so applying for/receiving this grant will not count towards the relevant authors’ maximum allowance of two applications/grants per year.  A music publisher can submit a maximum of 10 applications for each application round, except in the case of special projects. It is possible to submit applications for funding for projects that have already been completed; however, the application must be submitted during the year in which the relevant project was completed.

You will receive a reply to your application approximately one month after the application deadline.

If you have any questions regarding the Sheet Music Publication grant, you are welcome to contact Hanne Christensen,

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,