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L.A. and London Residential

If you are going to London or Los Angeles for sessions, meetings or other projects, you can apply for a stay in one of the houses in these two cities.

The work residences can be applied for by Koda members and are targeted at anyone working in the popular and commercial field. You can also apply for transport costs related to your trip.

Only Koda members can apply for these one-week stays in L.A. or London. We welcome both songwriters, composers and producers working with the popular and commercial field of music.

Working accommodation in London and LA is available for songwriters, composers, lyricists and producers in the popular and commercial fields. DPA supports working residencies in the two cities for meetings, co-writing, networking and creating new music. The project should involve collaborators who can promote the export of the music.

Support for flights and other transport costs such as trains can also be applied for.



- Stay is for 1 week - Sunday to Sunday.

- Your stay can start at the earliest three weeks after the application deadline.

- Three people can stay in the house.

- If there are several members going, you must send a joint application.


Los Angeles:

- Stay is for 1 week - Monday to Monday.

- Your stay can start at the earliest three weeks after the application deadline.

- You can apply for either one room or two rooms.

- If you are more than one member going, you send an application together.


You can see when the houses are available here. [link to]


NOTE: As the weeks are filled on an ongoing basis, a week you have applied for may well be occupied before you receive a response to your application.

  • A project description
  • A budget
  • Documentation proving your collaboration/interaction with partners in L.A. or London (this may take the form of an email conversation, a Facebook conversation, etc.)
  • All applications for the L.A. and London Residential scheme must be associated with a specific project/purpose and specific collaborators/partners.

You can see the dates of the deadlines below for 2024.

25th January
29th February
21st March
25th April
30th May
29th August
26th September
31th October
28th November

 Applications will not be processed from 15 June to 6 August and from 16 December to 7 January, including holidays & public holidays. There will therefore be a longer processing time during this period.

Applications for the L.A. and London residential scheme are evaluated by the DPA Export Committee. In 2023/2024, the committee comprises of:

Committee 1:

  • Mathilde Falch
  • Waqas Qadri
  • Theresa Schæfer


Committee 2:

  • Emil Lei
  • Sarah Finne Christensen
  • Mike Andersen


When you receive our confirming that you may stay in the relevant house for a given period, the details cannot be changed – this includes the dates of your stay. If changes occur to your project or you become unable to travel during the period assigned, your work residency and grant will cenceled.

When you are given the grant, the actual grant portion will be paid when you submit the relevant documentation (receipts, contract, invoice etc.) (the grant does not cover daily allowances).

You can expect a reply to your application within three weeks.

You cannot receive support for the same project from several pools under Koda Culture. This applies according to 6.D in our regulation. Find the regulation here.

This means that if you for example apply for publication, you can only receive support once for your publishing project. You cannot receive support for publication from both The Publishing pool, The Up-and-Coming Grant and The Recording/Release Grant at the same time. On the other hand, you will be able to receive support for other processes of the same project from other pools. For example, if you have received support for the recording/release part of your project, you can apply for support for the next phase of your project, e.g. for promoting your release or from the PR pools.  

We have pools that support the different processes that your project can go through. The processes can – from an overall point of view – be divided into:

  • Create (idea, clarification, writing)
  • Improve/develop (coaching, camps, education)
  • Release (record, mix, master)
  • 'Disseminate' (PR/marketing, concert production, fairs and exhibitions)

If you have any questions about the L.A. and London Residential scheme, please feel free to contact DPA

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,