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Copenhagen Studio Residence

A residence in Copenhagen Studio provides you with everything you need in order to work and record in inspiring surroundings. Set up songwriting sessions, work on your own music and become a part of one of the biggest studio complexes in Copenhagen. You will get your own room with speakers, microphone, preamp, keyboard etc. Additionally, there are basic kitchen facilities. All you need to bring is your own computer to record and mix your music. The owners of the complex with introduce you to the facilities and your new neighbours.

  • Songwriters and composers (all genres) who are members of Koda.
  • Record labels, publishers, managers etc. cannot apply on behalf of others.

You can apply for a full month at Copenhagen Studio where you can work on new material and/or record new material.

Month (of residence)                        Deadline

January-February-March                  1 December (reply 10 December)

April-May-June                                1 February (reply 10 February)

August-September-October             1 May (reply 10 May)

November-December                       1 September (reply 10 September)

(the studio is closed in July)

Please describe what you would like to use your studio residence for + when you would like to use it. Additionally, please include:

  • Brief description of yourself (as an artist)
  • Description of your studio purpose (500 characters)
  • Examples of your music (min. two songs, max. three songs)

DJBFA in cooperation with Anders Fredslund-Hansen from the studio complex. We will focus on diversity in both age and sex when distributing the various months in the studio.

After a maximum of 10 days after each application deadline. Please note potential delays in connection to national holidays. The studio is closed in July.

Please direct all questions regarding Copenhagen Studio to Martin Hjorth Frederiksen,

For technical issues or questions regarding the application system, please get in touch with Koda,