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Concert, Tour Support and Festivals

The purpose is to support concert activities and tours carried out by the music publishers’ own authors and to help festival promoters carry out their own festival

Who can apply?

All music publishers who are members of Koda can apply for a Concerts, Tour Support and Festivals, as can all festival promoters.

What can I apply for?

Music publishers can apply for funding for concert and tour support activities which feature music by their authors. Festival promoters can apply for funding to carry out their own festivals.

What must I include in my application?

  • A project description (2,500 characters or less)
  • Budget (including revenues and any other foundations/grant schemes you may have applied to for funding)
  • A presentation of the publisher submitting the application, including the most important authors associated with said publisher – or a presentation of the festival promoter submitting the application.

When is the deadline?

The grant scheme for Concerts, Tour Support and Festivals accepts applications three times a year. The deadlines are:

1 May

1 September

18 December

Who will evaluate my application?

The committee for Concerts, Tour Support and Festivals is elected for two years at a time. In 2019, the committee comprises:

Christian Fløe Svenningsen
Finn Olafsson
Anders Fredslund-Hansen
Loui Törnqvist
Jacob ’Poe’ Stærmose

Details about the funding

An individual author may receive funding from this grant no more than twice a year. A music publisher can submit a maximum of 10 applications for each application round, except in the case of special projects. It is possible to submit applications for funding for projects that have already been completed; however, the application must be submitted during the year in which the relevant project was completed.

When can I expect a reply?

You will receive a reply to your application approximately one month after the application deadline.

Managed by Musikforlæggerne

If you have any questions regarding the Concerts, Tour Support and Festivals grant you are welcome to contact Hanne Christensen, hanne@musikforlæ

If you have any questions regarding the technicalities of your application, please contact Koda,